My 1st Blogiversary!! ft. Lots of Thank-You’s, a Q&A, and Feedback!!

Somehow I’ve already been blogging for a year??

Time is honestly a conspiracy, and a social construct and idk where it’s gone :’) I launched my blog (with 6 posts on the same day rip) on the 31st of July, 2020 (aka the peak of quarantine in India, and when everyone was either losing their minds or vacationing somewhere.) Even though I can’t believe it’s been a year, I’m immensely grateful for every single one of you, so don’t mind me getting super sappy 🥺💘


It honestly feels like just yesterday I uploaded six posts together on one day, and expected to blow up online 😭 It took me a while to realise that there were more than three book bloggers on WordPress, and some of the nicest people helped me see that there’s a lot more than that sfkshdjsgf.

Looking back, I’ve also realised that my posts (especially the reviews and tags) are very embarrassing, and it took me a while to find my voice online! Please don’t look at any of my posts before January 2021, I promise both of us will cringe 🥲

I also got cupcakes to celebrate (honestly I’m just celebrating the smallest things with food now, and I promise it’s not just an excuse to be eating more junk)! Even though the cake:frosting ratio is just not right (too much frosting!!!!!), and because we got them delivered, they were slightly melted, they still tasted very good hehe.

Because of blogging, I…

  • Started reading diversely. Before blogging, my favourite series was Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, which I think says enough about how whitewashed my tastes were 😂 (and well Six of Crows, but I still love that lmao)
  • Met the most wonderful people (who I can scream to about books all day, without them judging me), well actually I’m not sure about the judging part, because I can be quite embarrassing.
  • Actually started writing? So, I actually started writing something?? That I liked?? The last time I wrote something I liked would probably be when I was 6, and writing a story about how my cousin stole my cookie asfkshdjshjs. You could check out a few lines from my WIP here 🥺
  • Realised some things about myself?? That I’m not going to share, because I’m still not sure myself :’)

Blog Statistics

Note: Before I start, I just want to make it clear that this is for my own reference, and only so I can see how my blog has grown/document its growth over time.

  • Months on WordPress: 12 (since August, 2020).
  • Follower Count: 501 (475 from WordPress & 26 Email)
  • Amount of likes received: 4,665
  • Amount of comments received: 1,916
  • Number of posts: 66

My Favourite Posts

Book Discussion: These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong. These Violent Delights is one of my favourite books. Ever. So when I started writing the review, I honestly couldn’t stop, but, I think I managed to convey all my love for the book in this post!

Discussion Post: My Top 12 Favourite Young Adult Books, and What They Mean to Me. I had a small identity crisis while writing this, because I have way too many favourite books, but it was so much fun to gush about all the books that made me cry, and feel represented, so the identity crisis was worth it!

ARC Review: One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston. One Last Stop was one of my favourite reads this month, and I’m so grateful to have been able to read an early copy! It was super fun writing the review for it too!

Introducing ‘Feeling Seen’: Featuring Diverse Voices on why Representation in Literature Matters to Them! This project is so important, and even though I’m running slightly late, it was still so wonderful to plan. Everyone who’s sent in a piece has had absolutely stunning writing, that I can’t wait to share.

Evermore Book Tag (original)!! I made this a while ago, and would definitely change my answers to some of the prompts, but it was still loads of fun to make, because I’m still in love with Evermore lmao.

Discussion Post: Talking About Diversity, Inclusivity, and Representation in YA Fantasy + 13 Diverse Recommendations! This post took lots of research, and endless scrolling, but I’m so happy I wrote it, because tbh, I didn’t know about half the stuff in it before I wrote the post! Also, I’m pretty sure everyone could always use diverse recs.

Thank You’s

In this one year of blogging, I’ve made so many amazing friends, and met so many wonderful people. When I started, I literally thought there were like only three book bloggers, but now there are over 500 following just my blog, and I know there are so many thousands out there!! Without them, blogging wouldn’t be the same, and they just make it so much better.

If you’re not included here, that doesn’t mean I don’t love your blog! If I’ve commented on your blog even once, that already means it’s a favourite of mine, and these are just the people I’ve grown slightly closer to!

Honestly, thank you to everyone here, I LOVE ALL OF YOU.

Cherelle, thank you for being the most supportive person, and always writing the sweetest comments that never fail to make my day. /// Amanda, our buddy reads are the absolute best, and I love buddy reading with you sm! /// Katie, you’re the best writing buddy (even though I’m really slacking lmao), and I love you for always hyping up my writing, and sharing the most amazing snippets with me (seriously, I need more!) /// Belle, thank you for continuing to inspire me everyday with your beautifully formatted posts and aesthetic. /// Becky, you’re the absolute sweetest, and I love working with you, your blogs aesthetic is also gorgeous, and ily. /// Eleanor and Abby, both of you continue to inspire me everyday, with your amazing content! /// Naemi, Beck, and April, all three of your posts are honestly so hilarious and relatable, and I crack up every time I open either of your blogs. /// Sofii, your posts always brighten up my day, and your bubbly personality is contagious, ily.

Bertie, your discussions on Ableism are eye-opening, and honestly everything about your blog (from the recommendation posts, to the reviews) is stunning. /// Kaya, thank you for giving me the best book recommendations! /// Sara, you’re practically THE definition of blogging goals, thank you for continuing to inspire me. /// Sam and Prutha, y’all are the nicest and I love talking to you both. /// Caitlyn, Cossette, and Mary, thank you for running such an amazing book club, I love reading books with you guys. /// Birdie, you never fail to add new, diverse books to my tbr, ily. /// Ruby, I love chatting (and being chaotic) with you, you’re the best, xoxo!!! /// Jess, we don’t talk much, but thank you for being so helpful! /// Sophie and Dezzy, again, we don’t talk much either, but you both are the sweetest people ever, and I love all your content sm! /// Phoenix, your long monthly wrap-ups are truly iconic, and I love talking to you in the comment section. /// Ashmita, your posts are honestly so creative and you inspire me everyday! /// Last but not least, to Nehal, Riddhi, Tiction, and Aanya, all of you at TWC make me laugh, thank you!

Q&A + Feedback Form (Below)

So, because it’s been a year, and a lot of you know close to nothing about me, I’m having a Q&A! You can fill your question(s) in the form that I’ve embedded below, or if it doesn’t show for you, you can also click here!

Feedback Form!

I also really want feedback, so whenever you’re free, please pop on over to the form attached below. They’re mostly all multiple choice questions, and it won’t take you more than two minutes. If you can’t see the embedded form, you can also click here!

When’s your Blogiversary? Did you fill in the feedback form? (Please do, I’m desperate lmao). I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH, THANK YOU 🥺💗


104 thoughts on “My 1st Blogiversary!! ft. Lots of Thank-You’s, a Q&A, and Feedback!!”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON ONE YEAR OF BLOGGING!! I saw this post circulating around, and realized that despite being goodreads friends, i somehow wasn’t following your blog. that’s so exciting that it’s been a year, and with blogging, time really does go by so fast. you have such an incredible blog, and i hope to get to know you (and your blog) better!! congrats again, and i hope you’re doing well 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ahh yeah, i didn’t realise i wasn’t already following you!! it’s funny that i’ve been in a slump after publishing this post :’) and i haven’t uploaded anything for two months, but i’m hoping i get back soon! i love your blog sm too, thank you again! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] Ahaana, you’re the sweetest, yout taste in books is immaculate (I mean, TVD? TOWMTF? SOC? I can keep going) and I admire your efforts in supporting diverse books! // Abby, you’re one of the most sincere bloggers, reading your posts always brings a smile to my day, I still remember starting out fangirling about musicals with you haha, hope you’re doing okay! // Eryn, thank you for being my first friend and follower on the blogosphere, it means a lot! // Ashmita, you are such an inspiration, I loved running Books Go Boom with you! // Diya, ahh I’m so glad you loved The Poppy War (because of me hehe), your poetry is amazing as well! // Sam, thanks for all those random IG messages, and thank you for being the one that got me into An Ember in the Ashes ahaha. // Karla, thank you leaving such sweet and thoughtful comments, I really enjoyed buddying reading with you, hope that The Burning God doesn’t destroy you… (also, Bloodmarked!!!) // Katie, I hope you’ve been doing well – we’ve missed you! // Becky, hope you’re doing okay too, you have the cutest blog ever! // Phoenix, I still remember your epic monthly wrap ups haha, I love reading your discussion posts too! // April, your blog has so much personality, you’re hilarious and passionate! […]

    Liked by 1 person

  3. CONGRATS AHAANA! I literally love your blog so freaking much and you’ve been a huge inspiration for me from the start ❤️ I can really relate about how you feel seen in the books you read. Counting Down With You was probably that book for me, I related so much and it was just the best feeling. And also, blogging was the thing that helped me read diversely. Throne of Glass was one of my fav series before as well and I’m cringing looking back haha. Amazing post, and congratulations again!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. […] Ahaana, you were always there to answer my questions and I love reading your stunning blog. Emily, I absolutely love your writing style and your discussion posts are always so thought-provoking. April, your posts are absolutely hilarious, thank you for commenting and being the nicest person ever. Maya, you are so sweet to me and your blog aesthetic is stunning, thanks for being my friend! Rania, screaming about The Aurora Cycle with you is the best, and I hope to interact with you more often again! Trisha, I also haven’t talked to you in a while but buddy reading and discussing ARCs with you was so fun. Nikitha, your blog design is so cool and unique and I love reading your posts. Madeline, your book recommendations are always fantastic, and I love how consistently you post. Jan, I hope your hiatus has been relaxing, and I adored your Trends in YA discussion post, I thought it was so interesting. […]

    Liked by 1 person

  5. […] Ahaana: you were the first person to follow my blog, and i am so, so grateful to you!! you were always here for me, whether it was through your kind comments or by allowing me to ramble about books to you, and I’m glad I met you through blogging. 🥺 Istg you’re such an icon in this community, and i hope you’re doing amazing in your hiatus <33 […]

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