Evermore Book Tag (original)!!

In honor of Taylor Swift’s new album, Evermore, and her birthday(!!), I created my first ever book tag that *hopefully* expresses my combined love of Taylor, and reading!! I’ve been listening to evermore on repeat ever since it was dropped!! Before I start, I just want to say that Star @ Star is All Booked Up, and Rhi @ Marshmallow Harmonies also made some very creative Evermore tags of their own – so go check those out, because they’re wonderful!!


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Six of Crows!!! I loved this book and every single one of it’s characters!! Jesper and Wylan will always hold a special place in my heart (🥺😭), but every single one of the Dregs were portrayed so beautifully by Leigh Bardugo, and I simply fell in love with *all* of them!! You can find my review for Six of Crows here!!

I just HAD to choose Watermelon for this prompt!! I mean, it’s about this girl who’s husband leaves her the day her child is born!! I know it’s not that well known, but if you haven’t read Watermelon yet, you NEED to, it’s written so wonderfully, and even though it’s a bit different, and unique from most YA, it’s definitely a must-read!! You can check out my review for this book over here!!

I feel like I can’t choose just one book for this, but I just finished reading Serpent & Dove yesterday, so all it’s twists and turns are at the top of my head!! I think I’m going to go with that for this prompt, because even though a lot of people don’t think it deserves 5 stars, I LOVED it so much!!

Where do I even start with this book!!? It’s all about family, and the love you share with them!! Even the princess knight (the second installment in this duology) had such beautiful family relationships, and this whole family (of like 26 children and 2 + 1 adults) was originally from a small town, so it all fits!! You can check out my review for this book over here!

Edward and Bella from Twilight!! Definitely!!

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, as well as some Agatha Christie would DEFINITELY be the first thing that would pop into my head!! I loved this book so so much, and I felt like all the relationships between friends and family were portrayed so realistically!! The plot, storyline and characters were also addictive!! Hopefully I’ll get the time to write a review soon!!

Harry Potter!! These books were honestly comfort reads for me, but after making my blog, and talking to more readers, I educated myself on the problematic ways of J.K. Rowling, and found more and more faults with this book. Sure, it’s always going to have been a huge part of my childhood, but it’s just something I don’t love as much anymore. I feel that I have to point out that Kay @ Hammock of Books posted a really insightful post on separating Harry Potter from the author, so you should really go check that out!!

Crooked Kingdom!! I loved how each of the Dregs grew deeper bonds with each other in this book, and dskfjdsfkjdsfkjh I’m sorry but they’re ALL friendship goals!!!

skjfdskfjsfkjh THIS BOOK!! I read it so so long ago, but I still remember how emotional it made me!! I fell in love with all the characters, and even though it’s heart-wrenching, its definitely a must-read for those of you who haven’t read it yet!!

The Hate U Give was not at all what I expected!! It was such a moving book, and I loved it with all of my heart!! I would definitely recommend this to ANYONE who’s bored, and doesn’t know what to do!!

I know at this point, the amount I’m referencing to Six of Crows makes it seem like the only book I have ever read, but I just can’t refrain from referring to such an AMAZING read!!!

As a kid, I read a ton of Roald Dahl!! He was hilarious, and I loved his writing style so much!! Books like Matilda were so easy to relate to for me, and others, like the Twits, or the BFG, just made me ache with laughter!!

This book was is a favourite!! It was so so moving, and everything was depicted so beautifully!! I picked this up after reading THUG, so I had super high expectations, but ‘On the Come Up’ exceeded them in every possible way!! If you haven’t read this book yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!! You can check out my review rant out over here!!

I think I said this before, but I finished Serpent & Dove literally yesterday!! I NEED to know what happens to everyone!! I’m a bit scared, because Blood & Honey doesn’t have great reviews, but hopefully, I’ll enjoy it!!

Throne of Glass!! I loved this series so much!! I only came to know that Sarah J. Maas was problematic, and had done a ton of wrong things after finishing this, so I try not to support/recommend her books anymore, but this is one of my favourite series of all time, and I will continue *silently* re-reading it!! You can check out my review for the series here!!

I tag… Riddhi // Ash // Beck // Tiction // Cherelle // Nehal // Ashmita // Vaish // Alison // Maha // May // Aditi // Elodie // Sam // Erin // Rose // Phoenix // Katie // Kirsten // Trinity // Erin // Elli // El // Belle // Jenna // Cielo // Tess // Ali // April // Sarah // teatimelit // Julie // J // Kappa // Millay // Becky // Lily // Sophie // Rhi // Claudia // Karla // Prutha // Clara // Mehek // Hayden // Bree // Quinn // Celina // Sofi // Tiffany // Allison // Lulu // Ilsa

*sorry if you aren’t a swiftie, or if I forgot to tag you 🥺😭!! I just tagged a random bunch of lovely people!!


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