Introducing ‘Feeling Seen’: Featuring Diverse Voices on why Representation in Literature Matters to Them!

Feeling represented in media (specifically books) is one of my favourite things ever. Sadly, it doesn’t happen very often, and I know so many other BIPOC, Queer, and Disabled book-related content creators feel the same way, which is why, sometime in April, I reached out to some of these content creators, and most of them sent me small paragraphs on why diversity in fiction matters to them specifically! Every other week I’ll be posting some of these bloggers thoughts, because it’s so important to always appreciate and uplift diverse voices.

If you want to be a part of the project and I’ve forgotten to reach out to you, please feel free to shoot me a message through my contact page, or send me an email at, I would LOVE to include you, because this project is all about feeling seen, and having your voice being heard, especially if you identify as BIPOC, queer, or disabled!

Are you excited to see why diverse content creators think representation in books matter? Would you like to participate as well?


50 thoughts on “Introducing ‘Feeling Seen’: Featuring Diverse Voices on why Representation in Literature Matters to Them!”

  1. Are we the same person because I had literally the exact same idea a few weeks ago. Like, the exact same, with asking people to write paragraphs on why rep is important to them and posting them on my blog every few weeks haha. I guess you beat me to it!
    Anyways, awesome project idea and I can’t wait to see what people say! I’d love to participate, however a lot of my thoughts are in the post I published about a week ago, about aroace rep–I don’t know if that was similar to what you were thinking or not. If you want me, I’ll totally write a paragraph as well, though!

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    1. ahhh phoenix hahaha, smart minds think alike (even though only two of my brain cells work 99% of the time) thank you so much! i know! i read your post, and loved it! i would love to get a paragraph from you! even if it’s only a 100 words that’s also fine, and there’s no limit, so you can go on for as long as you want! ๐Ÿ’•

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  2. What a wonderful idea for a series! Looking forward to reading what people have to say.
    And if you ever need anyone who identifies as asexual to write their piece, I’d be happy to!

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