About the Blog // Disclaimers

Welcome to Windows to Worlds!

I created this blog in August, 2020 (yes it’s very new I know), but like everyone and their aunt, I was bored in quarantine. Thank you to everyone who gave me such great feedback, and tips + suggestions during this blogs early days. Below I’ve included + hyper-linked everywhere I got graphics, and fonts from, in case you want to use them as well!

★ ALL of the graphics I’ve used are FREE for personal use. Some websites I’ve linked have both paid, and free resources, and in this case, you can find the free resources under the “freebies” section. ★
✰ The OLD watercolour florals, used as dividers in the posts and pages are from Essem Creatives (these are not used anymore).
✰ The watercolour florals and textures in the post headers/sidebar are from Gold and Berry (these are not used anymore either).
✰ The watercolour florals I used for dividers on my blog are from Angie Makes (these are not used anymore either).
✰ The images I’ve used in my posts are mostly from Pexels, Unsplash, or Goodreads (which are all ALSO free for personal use)
✰ The OLD icons I used (they’re not on my blog anymore), were MAINLY from F.P.T.F.Y
✰ The rest of the images are hand-drawn by me, using Adobe Draw and an Apple Pencil

I did go through (yet another) blog re-design, but some of these places had some super cool graphics so I wanted to keep them here. The same applies for the fonts (:

★ ALL of the fonts I’ve used are FREE for personal use and are mostly downloaded from DaFont. You could also search up the name of the font, and the search results would mostly be free places you could download the font off ★
✰ The cursive font I’ve used above as headings for ‘fonts’ and ‘graphics’ is called Soulwave
✰ The font used for headings in the sidebar is called Abril Fatface, but I now use either Libre Baskerville or Prata.
✰ The all-caps font used for my OLD post headers is called Kiona, I used Libre Baskerville for a while, and now I use Playfair Display.
✰ As I mentioned earlier, I download most fonts off DaFont, but by searching up the name of the font, you could find other websites as well.