IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! Introducing, ‘After the Story’, A Writing Project!

Hi everyone!! Today I’m super excited to be announcing a project that Becky @ Dusts of Magic, and I have been working on!! Our project, will be called, After the Story, and will be focused on helping other book bloggers, and ourselves, to write more! To find out more about the project, scroll down!!

What is ‘After the Story’?

After the Story is a project going to be hosted by Becky @ Dusts of Magic and Ahaana @ Windows to Worlds. This is a project to help you boost your writing skills and most of all, gain confidence to write something you enjoy, while having fun!! If you would like to participate, please fill out the google form!! Since you’re going to be working with other lovely bloggers, you will not be allowed to leave in the middle, and will have to stick with us till the end, unless you have problems that can’t be ignored (:

Every 2 months, we’ll discuss the book we would like to read and every blogger can write a short story (with a minimum of 300 words) based on what they believe will take place after the events of the book we have read. (Hence the name ‘After the Story’) You can write about anything that would include the basic concept of the book (e.g. a sequel, a fanfiction, etc.). 

After the short collection of stories are written, we will send those (if we can find the email) to the author, or publisher. They might not reply since all authors are busy but if they do, we will let you know their opinions ASAP!

I know this might sound like a chore at this point, or a long-term commitment that will require a ton of your time, but it’s not. You can choose to write as less as 300 words – over a span of 2 months!! Obviously, as well as helping to boost your writing skills, this project is also just for fun! I’m also a middle school student, and trust me, this won’t be hard to juggle with your studies and extra curriculars!

Rules (and some other clarifications)!

  • Please write your story within the deadline (2 months).
  • When you sign up for this project, we would really really appreciate it if you could upload your short stories on your blog!! 
  • If you do not like the book and your star rating is lower than 3, please let us know so that you can still do some other creative post.
  • This project is to boost blogger’s writing skills and their confidence so if your comment on another post makes other bloggers upset, or is negative and criticizing, you won’t get another chance to participate in this project in the future.
  • When posting your writing, please do a pingback on one of our (Becky’s, or Mine) latest posts, so we can see what you’ve written, and hype you up!

How do I Sign Up?

You will need to sign up using the google form below!! Some important things to keep in mind are that you need to fill in the form by the 3rd of January, because we will stop accepting responses after that!! Once you fill in the form, it’s official, you’re a part of ‘After the Story’!!

If you can’t see the embedded form, or are having trouble filling it in, click on this link:

The Badge!

Feel free to display the bade I made on your blog to show that you’re a part of the project!! I’ve also attached an HTML code below, so that you can put the badge on your sidebar!!

Grab the Code for the ‘After the Story’ Badge!

<a href=""><img src="" title="After the Story" width="300"></a>

We would be delighted if you joined us over at ‘After the Story’! What do you think of the idea? Do you like the badge? Are you going to join?


55 thoughts on “IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! Introducing, ‘After the Story’, A Writing Project!”

  1. I think this is an amazing idea, Ahaana! I have just started writing a story (which might become a novel) of my own, so I think this will be a great practice.
    The only thing is that I am not very comfortable reading books of other people’s choices, and I have already decided my January TBR (which mostly can’t change since I am participating in readathons), so if there is any alternative for that, do let me know so I can join this. Otherwise, I love everything about this project and hope you get a lot of people joining in!!

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  2. Hey, so I thought about this, and I wanted to clarify something. One book every two months, right? Suppose, we have a book for Jan and Feb, so I can read it whenever I want, and then write the sequel whenever I want, as long as it is before the end of Feb, right? Because if this is the case, then I have no problem joining this project because I think one book not of my choice in two months is okay, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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  3. This is such a cool idea! I don’t think I’ll be participating myself (I’m currently very busy and therefore pouring all my spare writing time into my own projects 😅), but you bet I’ll be reading all the amazing things you guys come up with!! 🤗 I’ll be that one obnoxious fan cheering you on from the sidelines 😉

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  4. I think this sounds really interesting, but I have a few questions: how are the group books selected? Will there be a poll of some kind, and/or are there any rules/controls in place to ensure that there will be a range of genres covered throughout the year? Some people might find it upsetting if the group continuously picks fantasy books, or only picks sci-fi, or only romance, etc. Likewise, what if there are triggering scenes/themes in the selected book and someone just can’t bear to finish it? Will there be an alternate book available for them to read and still be able to participate? (I’ve been trying to organize an IRL book club, and these are the kinds of questions I’ve been asked. I think they’re good questions, so I’m in turn asking them to you).

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    1. thank you so much jessica! so, we will be selecting the books based on what recommendations/suggestions you guys give us, and we will try to announce the trigger warnings before we start reading the book, so that everyone is aware! we haven’t thought of any alternatives, in case they aren’t fine with it, but i’m sure if anyone has a problem with triggering scenes, or themes, we will not ask them to read the book. however, they will still be able to participate! we will try to select a range of genres throughout, but we will limit it to YA and MG books, because some adult books might not be okay for the younger participants (haha, such as myself)! these books will definitely all be picked based on what the participants want! thank you for asking all these questions, jessica, they were really thoughtful! 💗


  5. Hey! Awesome idea and I just filled out the form. I will most definitely try to keep up but I dunno about exams and all but other than that I’ll be there 😀

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  6. Hey there! Just happened to come across this post, and I have to say: this definitely sounds like an epic collab waiting to happen. Good luck with this project! ✊🏼

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate in this project. The next three months of 11th grade are gonna be super hectic; and I doubt there’ll be some extra time to write something like this. But I’ll try to read all the entries when I can. Wishing you luck once again!
    -Silver Stone

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    and I’ll see if I have an email I can use- but I don’t think my parents will allow me to give out ANY email addresses so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    1. AHH BECK I’M SO HAPPY YOU MADE ANOTHER BLOG!! ❤😭 please please please fill out the form, we would love to have you, you’re such a talented (and hilarious) writer!! i think what you can do is in the email column write another place we can contact you from, like a discord. or, you could create a gmail account for ghost with no cares – such as – link no other accounts to it, and use it only for blogging! that way you won’t jeopardise your safety! 🙂 i hope you’re able to join!!

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