I made a BookTube! ft. Goals, Content Plans, and more!

Hi, everyone! This is going to be a shorter post – but I’m just popping in to say that I created a BookTube! I’ve been contemplating creating one for a while now – but I’ve always just been too shy to actually post anything haha. I’m really disrupting my posting schedule with this post – but my brain keeps telling me I’m going to flop, and no one’s going to watch my videos, so any support and subs/views/likes, etc. would mean the world to me!

Here’s the link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUVl-fUzX4Z9bflB2nOunhQ <33

Content Plan!

As you can see in my banner – I want my YouTube to primarily focus on books, but also branch out to music and lifestyle content! The second video I posted is a cover of July by Noah Cyrus, so not everything I post will be book-related. I’ll be posting everything from discussions, to vlogs – to fun stuff like challenges, and also give tons of recommendations!


  • Post consistently (once a week), on my channel, while also not neglecting my blog, and prioritizing my mental health.
  • Have a mix of book-related, music-related, and lifestyle content.
  • Don’t stick to a certain type of post – and have a variety of different content.
  • Reach 100 subscribers, and 300 views by the end of June!

What are some fun, exciting (and terrifying!!) things boredom and lockdown have made you do? Are you also contemplating starting a BookTube?


48 thoughts on “I made a BookTube! ft. Goals, Content Plans, and more!”

  1. Wow this is awesome! Just subscribed, your first video was done so good! Wish you the very best to expand your booktube channel as well💛💛

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  2. Amazing post, and congrats on starting a channel! And, to answer your question, who hasn’t had planes to start a booktube channel, only to get scared and give up because you don’t know whether you want to put your face with your name out in the world 😉
    I also especially love your t-shirt, my love for AC//DC comes from my father, but I love the band! ❤

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    1. Also, another thing (I can’t believe I forgot to write this even though I drafted this comment in my head multiple times last night, but had to go to sleep) I just love the accuracy of your profile pic; you chose an amazing one! ❤

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  3. AWESOME!!!!! I just watched your videos!!!! Your voice and piano-playing skills are AMAZING and I can’t wait for more covers!! And I loved your answers for the tag!!
    I’ve actually filmed the booktube newbie tag twice now….. only to delete the footage because I hated it so much 👀🤦‍♀️

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  4. Aaahhh, this is so exciting!! Congrats, Ahaana! You’ve definitely got a loyal new subscriber, even though I probably won’t comment much over there – I’ve always found the size of YouTube a bit intimidating 😅 But I think it’s awesome that you’re following your dreams, and you bet I’ll eagerly anticipating those videos 😊 Your editing skills are already way better than mine would have been, and I know a lot of interesting content is coming our way! 🤗

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  5. OMG THIS IS SO COOL!!! i just subscribed tehehe 🙂 and i’m sooo looking forward to your content because i’ve been soo obsessed with booktube lately~ all the best!!! and i love your speaking voiceeeee

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  6. Ahaana!! Ah I haven’t been active again on WP 😔 but I just had to come here and comment, this is incredible CONGRATS! 😍 Going to subscribe now, and can’t wait for your more of your awesome content on another platform! 💕 Wishing you all the best in your goals! 🥰

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