Blog Tour: Spark to Shadow by Atima Kim + Book Look

Thank you so much to TBR and Beyond Tours, as well as the author and publisher for giving me a copy of ‘Spark to Shadow’ in exchange for an unbiased, and honest review!! This is my stop for the tour, and you can click the banner below to view the full schedule, and explore other posts!!

Title: Spark to Shadow
Author: Atima Kim
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult Romance
Series: None (as of now)
Publication Date: February 2, 2021
Final Rating: 4.5 stars

Synopsis (via Goodreads):

Witch. Warrior. Dragon Rider.

Long ago, the covens of the east made a pact to bring peace to the continent. To unite the clans and create a new era of witches, starting with the next generation of matrons. Fang is the first witch of her generation to reach her debut, as the next matron of her coven she has the unique honor of being the first one to fulfill the pact. For the first time in centuries, a Miangese witch will take a foreign consort. Luckily, Fang already has someone in mind. Taken in by the Sun coven in the mountain kingdom of Anda, Fang is more than happy to entertain the alluring young lords of the ruby clan as they compete to win her affections, not knowing her choice has already been made. Or so she thought. Until a chance encounter brings to light the existence of something Fang previously thought to be quite rare, a male witch.

The meeting of this young shadow witch— a boy who Fang now owes a debt— starts a chain of events that will make Fang question everything she thought she knew about her Andan allies. In an effort to help him escape his oppressors, Fang and the shadow witch discover a dark presence that is slowly poisoning the innocent citizens of mortal Anda, and a dangerous weapon that could threaten the very peace of the pact that Fang is bound to uphold. As she, her friends, and her new shadow witch companion work to fight against these looming forces, Fang’s feelings towards her own choices slowly start to shift. She must decide what is more important to her, who she wants by her side, and most of all- what she’s willing to give up in order to be the leader her people need.

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Mini Review on Spark to Shadow by Atima Kim

This book was like a diverse, much better-planned version of The Selection. I loved the whole magical competition, and bachelorette aspect of it, because, like I said earlier, it took the best parts of The Selection, and made them better.

Worldbuilding was also done so beautifully in this novel! Although the inspiration from real Asian countries, especially Thailand was evident, the author also added her own unique magic to the story. The way everything was described – from the sloping roofs, to the bustling market, helped add to the atmosphere, and create vivid imagery in my mind.

Hierarchy, magic, witches, and dragons were also all introduced to the story seamlessly, and I loved that! The magic system never felt over-complicated, and learning about the witches power, and their magic intrigued me.

Although yes, there was a classic love triangle, and I’m not a huge fan of those (I try to avoid them more often than not) – I actually quite liked this one! In The Selection, the love triangle simply annoyed me, because each character was just so annoying, whereas in Spark to Shadow, it actually added to the plot, and character development – which was so great to see!

With badass female characters, witches, dragons, and magical competition, I loved Spark to Shadow! Although, admittedly, the middle did drag, I was invested enough in the story to continue, and it ended up being a new favourite! Diverse, along with great worldbuilding, and unique plot ideas is all I want in a book, and this one managed to deliver all that and more!

Book Look!

Because I didn’t have enough time with school and other stuff, instead of wearing an outfit myself, I found pictures of what I think the characters would wear online! I tried to keep the color scheme to red and gold – because I think that really matches the vibe of the book!

About the Author

Atima has been coming up with stories for as long as she can remember. As soon as she learned how to read and write she was putting pen to paper and dreaming up new worlds and adventure. Her life has always been on the page and as she grew up and her interests changed so did her writing. She loves creating places to escape, and more than anything she loves writing about love. She was born in the Midwestern US, to a Thai mother and American father. Her home has always been a mix of languages and cultures, and remains so today. She likes to draw on the places and people and culture that influence her life as inspiration in her writing and she hopes to join the ranks of other Asian American authors representing diverse cultures and voices in the writing community through her books.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads

Have you read Spark to Shadow yet? Is it on your TBR? What are some Asian-inspired fantasies you love? Did you like The Selection?

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